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The Butterfly Program Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce, or perhaps re-introduce you to The Butterfly Program, Inc. Since 2009, TBP has implemented our unique approach of service, influence, and mentorship
of men, women, and juveniles who suffer from poverty and hardship. It is our first priority to help them transition into productive members of the community, no matter what their current status is.

Some of the challenges our clientele face include: lack of shelter, food, identification, education, job-seeking (and keeping) skills, transportation, health issues, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical,
and legal obstacles, anger management, and substance abuse.

The Butterfly Program combats some of these obstacles through a Resource Center, full-service women’s shelter, a full-service men’s shelter (slated to open in the fall of 2015), a Code Blue “Emergency Shelter Program,” a Senior Citizen Day Program (slated to open in fall of 2015), as well as our wide-range of personalized resources extended through our 24/7 service center including social services support.

For millions of our citizens, the American dream seems elusive as more and more fall into poverty each year. Due to the ongoing recession these days it looks like it’s going get worst before its get better. The number of U.S. households receiving food stamps jump from 2 million last year to 11.7 million, the highest level on record, meaning that 1 in 10 families are receiving some kind of government aid.( Census Bureau), So what causes poverty in our country and how do we fix this problem? Some people say some of the causes of poverty in the United States come from social or racial grouping, stereotyping, and greed, lack of knowledge, employment skills, education and resources. However, some people believe that people bring poverty to themselves by being lazy and not motivated. I think both sides are correct because different groups of people have tougher roads and more boundaries then others, but with the right attitude anything’s possible. Now let’s review some of the causes of poverty in our Country.

One of the major factors determining whether someone will end up living in poverty is the lack of education a person has. Education plays a vital role in acquiring jobs, learning new skills, and becoming financially secure.